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Image Credits and Sources

All images are taken by me, Elexis Rox. All grooming images on the Techniques page were taken at Dee's Dog Salon in La Crosse, WI.

The Chihuahua pictured is my dog, Duke. I groom him regularly at home following the steps listed on this site.

I received permission from each business listed on the Groomers page to include them in the directory and photograph their business.

Sources include all links listed under the Resources section above and those below:

Thanks and Gratitude

I would like to thank the following individuals in a VERY SPECIFIC order, exactly as listed below, for their help in creating this website:

  1. Dee at Dee's Dog Salon for allowing me to take pictures of her business
  2. My teacher, Eddie Hale, for teaching me some cool web tricks
  3. My beautiful and fabulous Chihuahua, Duke, for being such a great model
  4. Caffeine