Acoustic Guitar Bridges

Acoustic bridges contain a sound board which transfers vibration to the soundboard, help the guitar resonate the sound from the strings.

Electric Guitar Bridges

All electric guitars the bridges holds the strings in place on the guitar. There are 2 main different types of bridges for electric guitars, and many different models within those types.

Fixed Bridges

The first type is a fixed bridge, which does its job and places the strings on the guitar. The main difference between different types of fixed bridges is how well they handle different tunings and is purely subjective for the player. A few common types of fixed bridges are shown below.

Tune-o-matic guitar bridge

Tune-o-matic Bridge

stoptail guitar bridge

Stoptail Bridge

Floating Bridges

The second type of bridge is known as a floating bridge. These types of bridges offer the player the ability to further alter the pitch of the guitar by tilting the bridge to compress or decompress the strings. There are many types of these bridges as well and they are purely subjective as well.

Zero Resistance Tremolo Guitar Bridge

Zero Resistance Tremolo Bridge

image coming soon

Floyd Rose Bridge